BCCI trade fair begins in Thimphu

A file photo of the first trade fair.

A file photo of the first trade fair.

The five-day long fifth Bhutan International Trade Fair show has begun in the capital on Thursday.

Addressing the opening ceremony Foreign Minister Rinzin Dorji said said Thursday that there is a lot of room for engagement between his country and Taiwan, whether in economy or culture.

Rinzin Dorje pointed to similarities between the two countries, noting that they are approximately the same size.

He also said he had heard that Taiwanese, like the people of Bhutan, “believe in Buddhism,” which he said would make the two “understand each other better” compared with some other countries but noting that Taiwan is highly developed and advanced compared with Bhutan.

The trade fair includes exhibitions of handicrafts, textiles, furniture, wood particle boards, household items, electronics, handlooms, health and fitness items, health and education services and many others.

The fair is organised by Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industry with objective to draw more FDI into the country and help local companies learn from international participants.

3 Responses to BCCI trade fair begins in Thimphu

  1. Umang Agarwal says:

    Would like to participate in the trade fare announed on november 2014

  2. Abhishek says:

    Want to participate in upcoming textile trade fairs and exhibitions.

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