Zhemgang DT claims people supported ‘go-kira’ rule

Despite the online backlash and social media canvassing, the Zhemgang District Assembly claimed the national dress rule it enforced is backed by 99 percent of the people in the district.

The assembly members claimed to have made consultation with the public after the government forced to reconsider its resolution to make the national dress mandatory in villages and towns from 9am to 5pm.

The assembly had earlier announced that the national dress code would be implemented from December 17. The home ministry deferred it and now suggestion the district assembly to look into redeliberation of the policy.

According to the minister, people were not adequately consulted on such a sensitive issue before taking decision.

However, there concerns whether the central government can intervene the resolution of the local government and whether local governments require approval from central government to implement the decisions it made.

The government ministers were hesitant to give any ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers. But deferral of the Bumthang decision by home ministry means central government would be ready to intervene the resolution of the local government.

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