A prolific Bhutanese writer in US dies

One of the prolific songwriters of the Bhutanese community in diaspora Rakesh Kafley has died on Sunday.

According to Bhutanese community members in Iowa, US, he died on Sunday 3.00 am local time.

His Facebook post for last several months had clearly indicated he suffered sustained depression. Earlier on Monday, he uploaded a Facebook post saying its time to go for a ‘deep sleep forever’.

His last post was reposting a video song that tells the story of a person who is separated from his wife/life partner and died of depression. He has noted in this post that he is leaving ‘Tulasa’.

He had a few music albums and books to his credit. The music albums were named ‘Tulasi Manjari’ possibly dedicated to the person named ‘Tulasa’ as his last post shows. However, he has nowhere mentioned who Tulasa is.

On 11 February he had mentioned he has an upcoming novel ‘Tulasi Manjari’ and on 2 January he said he has a fourth music album coming soon. On January 13 he post a photo with a little girl, possibly daughter, saying he failed to talk to her despite his attempt for six months.

He had long-run dispute with some musicians in Nepal, who had lobbied to ban Kafley’s songs in Nepal.

Despite high profile discussion and training of the community leaders, the Bhutanese community in US failed to save the life of a versatile writer.

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