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The (Rigged) Pursuit of Happiness

By Artur Gorokh It was one of those crap days. It might have been the gloomy Ithacan weather or Monday or maybe it was just me. Procrastination hit its terminal stage, and the Google Scholar search cursor was silently blinking

जब देश खोज्नेहरु नै हराएपछि…

प्रकाश गुरागाई घाम तल ओर्लिंदै छ । पृथ्वी नै पहेँलपुर देखिन्छ । कच्ची सडक पछ्याउँदै एक हुल साइकल बेतोड दौडिरहेका छन् । साइकल कुदाउने केही किशोर छन्, अरू अधिकांश २२–२५ का युवा र एकाध अधबैँसे । महिलाको संख्या न्यून छ

India must respect Bhutan’s sovereignty

By I P Adhikari The muscle flexing of the two rising powers in Asia is posing serious threat to the very stability in Himalayas this summer. The tussle is between the uncompromising New Delhi and Beijing whereas pain is transferred

More than the Doklam issue, Bhutan worried about hydropower projects and trade

By Tenzing Lamsang in Indian Express The Doklam standoff on territory claimed by Bhutan has gone on for a full 45 days and is expected to go on longer. In this short period there has been a profusion of articles

Bringing new cultures to local communities

Bir Bahadur Poudel sits in his living room in a quiet Palmerston North neighbourhood and reflects on how far he’s come over the last 25 years. He lived a peaceful life with his wife and eight children in Bhutan. They

American Darkness Vs. Bhutan Brightness

By Robert Hunziker As Donald Trump axes America’s commitment to the Paris Climate Accord, the Kingdom of Bhutan’s Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay finalizes Bhutan for Life, a fund that will give the country the funding required, meeting its commitment to

Celebrating Harmony Week, Tasmania with community voices

By Mohan Hangkhim When I was around seven years old my father and mother brought us to Nepal in the beginning of 1992 due to the political conflict. The people of Bhutan wanted democracy in the country, but the government

A place to call home

By Piia Wirsu Prity Ranasampang left her birth home when she was four years old. It would take more than two decades to reach Australia as a humanitarian refugee. For most of her life Prity has been a refugee, it

Bhutan Faces an Important Test of Press Freedom

By KAI SCHULTZ In what rights advocates regard as an important test case for press freedom in Bhutan, a prominent journalist is facing a defamation suit for sharing a Facebook post documenting a property dispute involving a local businessman. The

No way home: time runs out for Bhutanese refugees in Nepal

By Manny Maung The monsoon is in its last throes here on Nepal’s eastern frontier. As another deluge begins, Karna Rai takes shelter in a makeshift teashop in the Beldangi refugee camp where he has lived for the past 24