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ECB gives fewer representation to southern Bhutan in NA

The final delimitation of the Election Commission for the purpose of National Assembly election, scheduled for this year, appears very prejudiced towards the southern Bhutan. The striking bias is observed in Samtse. This district has 44,957 voters against 44,525 voters

DNT disheartened by court verdict

The High Court has ruled that only the parties in the party have rights to file any constitutional cases in the court, creating debates whether individual citizens will have any say in the constitutional cases. The court ruled Druk Nyamrup

Bhutan court to review Sacha Wangmo verdict

The son-in-law of the infamous businessman Sonam Phuntsho has re-opened the file that was closed after the Supreme Court verdict in April this year. The much publicized legal case between Tandin Bidha and her daughter Dr Shacha Wangmo versus Sonam

Appeal to locate Lok Nath Acharya

Daughter of the disappeared human rights activists Lok Nath Acharya has made emotional appeal to help find her father. Acharya, 51, was kidnaped allegedly by Bhutanese agents from India in 2014. Even after the resettlement process started and most of

Bhutan drafts code of judges

The Supreme Court of Bhutan has drafted a Judicial Accountability Guidelines 2017 following the pressure of judicial bias on Sonam Phuntsho case. The guidelines gives power to individual citizens to file complaint against judges if they feel judge in High

FM cleared of allegation

The Anti Corruption Commission of Bhutan has dropped the case filed against Foreign Minister Damcho Dorji. Dorji, then Mongar district judge in 2002, was alleged to have received bribe in a case involving chorten vandalism. ACC said, “For any abuse

Bhutanese student dead in Gujarat, India

A 21-year-old engineering student from Bhutan was found dead from a bungalow in Chandkheda, in the Indian state of Gujarat on Saturday night, where he was staying as paying guest (PG) with other students. Chandkheda police have registered a case

Review business tax laws, says RAA

Considering the fact that Business tax of the country hasn’t grown in line with the growth of business entities, Royal Audit Authority (RAA) has recommended reviewing the tax law. Between 2009 and 2013, the number of business entities have grown

Govt seeks more info on ‘wanted drug dealers’

Ministry of Foreign Affairs has instructed the Bhutanese embassy in Bangkok to provide further information regarding the death of Bhutanese man and drug dealers linked to the death. Thai police had recovered the body of 45-year old Bhutanese man identified

One resettled Bhutanese jailed in US

Things may have turned out differently if Ramesh Biswa had stopped his car after he hit a motorcyclist in the early morning on June 7. Instead, Biswa kept driving, until he was pulled over 30 minutes later by State Police