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India enters into Bhutan-China border conflict

Indian media claimed Chinese military has entered into Bhutanese territory, following a standoff with Indian soldiers deployed in the border. The standoff was at Doklam (or Donglang) which India say is within Bhutan while China says it’s inside Chinese territory.

A second gate in Phuentsholing

A second entry gate from Jaigao to Phuentsholing has been inaugurated. The border gate will ease the pressure at the old gate. While the concrete gate is at Jaigaon side, a metal gate has been built adjacent to the building

Internet ban in Darjeeling ineffective

Mamata Benerjee’s effort to subdue the demand for a separate Gorkhaland by imposing Internet ban did not deter the demonstrators to disseminate information. The demonstrators and supporters are crossing border across Nepal and Bhutan to access web and upload news,

Gorkhaland supporters hold protest in Hague

The Gorkhaland supporter in The Netherlands have staged demonstrations in front of the Embassy in Hague, supporting the cause for Gorkhaland state in India. According to the statement forwarded to BNN, the supporters said they condemn the ‘blatant violations of

Bhutan assures India on infiltration into Gorkhaland movement

As the Gorkhaland demand heightens in the border, India has secured assurances from its loyal partner Bhutan that any anti-India activities will not be acceptable in Bhutanese territory. An Indian delegation led by Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB) Director General Archana

Bangladeshi PM to visit Bhutan

Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina Wajed will visit Bhutan in the second half of April (18-20) to attend an inter-national conference on autism and hold bilateral meetings with the country’s top leadership on the sideline. She will hold meetings

China challenges India over Bhutan relations

India is trying to undermine China’s efforts to maintain close ties South Asian nations including Bhutan, China’s Global Times read. “…It is India that has been treating South Asia and the Indian Ocean as its backyard with a hard-line manner.

Tobgay in Australia; Australian-Bhutanese lobby for repatriation

Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay is starting his first four-day Australia tour on Monday. This is the first formal visit of the Bhutanese Prime Minister to Australia since the two countries established diplomatic relations in 2002. Bhutanese living in Australia have

Bhutan obeys India’s order not to attend SAARC

Bhutan has obeyed its big brother’s order not to participate in the upcoming summit of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC). Bhutan’s prime minister’s office wrote to Nepal, who is currently the chair of the regional bloc, informing

Two Bhutanese honoured in White House

The US presidential office White House has honoured two Bhutanese-American in recognition of their services to refugees and migrants who arrive US for settlement. President Barack Obama took this initiative. Khara Timsina and his wife Bishnu Timsina were honoured along