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Resettled Bhutanese in US kills wife

A resettled Bhutanese man in Burlington, Vermont (US) killed his wife Yogeshwari Khadka, 32, and severely injured mother in law Tulsa Rimal, 54. Aita Gurung, 34, who attacked the two women with meat Cleaver, has been in custody. He had

PM claims southern road construction halted due to security

The Tobgay government has suspended the construction of the National Highway intended to connect the southern districts, citing security reasons. Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay claimed the increasing trend of kidnapping and militant activities led of suspension of the road construction.

Bhutan drafts code of judges

The Supreme Court of Bhutan has drafted a Judicial Accountability Guidelines 2017 following the pressure of judicial bias on Sonam Phuntsho case. The guidelines gives power to individual citizens to file complaint against judges if they feel judge in High

Controlling fake news in Bhutan

The fake new saga is a world headache. It has impacted every political and social event across the globe now. Bhutan is no exception. Until the second elections, Bhutanese were not acquainted with the social media. That has grown by

Bhutan is not happy – Happiness Report 2017

Bhutan observed International Day of Happiness (IDH) amidst reports Bhutan stands nowhere in the world happiness ladder despite being leader in establishing the index as one the basis for human development. Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the day was celebrated

Bhutan prepares for graduation

As global donors and partners prepare to pack up, Bhutan starts homework for its graduation from least developed country to middle-income country. While many donors have set plans to phase out their support, India and Japan committed to support Bhutan

China challenges India over Bhutan relations

India is trying to undermine China’s efforts to maintain close ties South Asian nations including Bhutan, China’s Global Times read. “…It is India that has been treating South Asia and the Indian Ocean as its backyard with a hard-line manner.

Bhutan Faces an Important Test of Press Freedom

By KAI SCHULTZ In what rights advocates regard as an important test case for press freedom in Bhutan, a prominent journalist is facing a defamation suit for sharing a Facebook post documenting a property dispute involving a local businessman. The

Indian currency crisis puts stress on Bhutanese economy

Sudden withdrawal of INR 500 and 100 notes by the Indian government has created ripples in Bhutanese trades and businesses as well. The central bank has requested the government of India to put special arrangement place for notes exchange in

PM’s 3-pronged strategy on Bhutanese refugee solution

By John Narayan Parajuli In one of the most protracted refugee situations in Nepal and also one of the biggest foreign policy failures in 1990s, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli is pursuing a three-pronged strategy to “end the Bhutanese refugee