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Assam’s Buddhist delegation to Bhutan

Assam makes efforts to build trust with the northern neighbour Bhutan, though conflicts remain on issues of water uses and flooding. Assam is sending a six-member Buddhist good-will delegation to Bhutan next week in an effort to warm up relations.

Teaching equals to null vector

By Sancha Rai We are living in the Buddhist nation with much valued life. The education is measured to be the main source of livelihood. Education has greatly changed every survival. Thus, we are no longer the same as before.

Dedicating to the spirit of Buddhism

By Thinley Penjore We are recently observed the most important day for Buddhists all over the world. Some call it Buddha Jayanti and some know this day as Buddha Purnima. It is the most sacred festivals of Buddhists. Buddha Purnima

Buddhist scholar demands voting rights for monks

A famous Buddhist scholar has restarted debate against the constitutional restriction for religious personalities to vote in Bhutanese elections. It is estimated 10 per cent of the Bhutanese population is monk – that translates to about 75,000 in numbers considering

God Don’t Need No Money

By Passang Tshering ‘Passu’ The Buddha and his Buddhism I know about and I believe in doesn’t talk about money, it doesn’t talk about buying blessing with money, it doesn’t talk about greed for blessing, it doesn’t talk about blind