RailTel to set up Bhutan’s broadband network

After Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh assured Bhutan of support in the light of the recent controversy over India cutting fuel subsidies to the kingdom, RailTel, the telecom arm of the Indian Railways, has been given the task of setting up Bhutan’s national broadband internet network.

According to India media reports, RailTel will lay the broadband network connecting all government institutes and the universities in Bhutan to help the country overcome its networking shortcomings and bring a more coordinated approach to development.

“We will set up the data network in Bhutan. A national internet network would be laid connecting their government offices, universities and other important institutions. An agreement has been signed with the ministry of information and communications, Bhutan,” a senior railway ministry official was quoted by Financial Express.

New Delhi, largest donor and business partner, in recent years has become increasingly concerned about Bhutan’s growing relationship with China.

The work of laying the network will start soon and would be completed within six-eight months.

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