Assam media claim bodo militants regrouping in Bhutan

Indian militant groups of Assam, particularly the Songbijit faction of the National Democratic Front of Boroland (NDFB) are making fresh efforts to set up bases in Bhutan, Assamese media claimed.

According to The Assam Tribune, the group has started to establish links with a Bhutan-based militant group. The newspaper said, the Indian militants would not re-establish full-fledged camps in Bhutan.

The paper quoted security sources saying the bodos have started making links with Bhutanese community groups. Despite the fact most active members of the Bhutanese Maoist groups have gone to western countries under the third country resettlement, the paper claims the camp based Maoists have being creating serious problems for the Government of Bhutan for some time, particularly in southern Bhutan areas.

The paper claimed the two militant groups carried out the recent two abductions in southern Bhutan. In a recent abduction, the person was released after the family members paid ransom of Nu 200,000.

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