Indian media claim Indian NSA advised Bhutan on border talks with China

The latest media report from India says, Indian National Security Advisor (NSA) during his recent visit to Bhutan advised on how to deal with China during the border talks.

The fact, still unclear, was not made public either Bhutan, India or Indian media earlier. The purpose of the visit of the time was to smoothen the strain relation caused by certain withdrawal of the subsidy in petroleum products.

According to The New Indian Express, NSA’s ‘main mission’ was to brief and advise the Bhutanese Government on how to handle the border talks with China, which have deep strategic implications for India’s security.

The Bhutan-China border talks held last week in Thimphu concluded with sending technical teams for field visit in disputed border region in central Bhutan.

The paper claims, because of the NSA’s advise, the talks shifted disputed from north-western parts, close of Siliguri corridor, to central parts of Bhutan. Indian soldiers are stationed in north-western region of Bhutan, what India says, to protect Bhutanese border from Chinese incursion.

The paper, quoting sources, says Menon spoke to his interlocutors about the current status of the India-China border talks. But, with the political leadership in Bhutan being brand-new, he took the opportunity of the Foreign Secretary’s visit to share Indian “experience” and knowledge of Chinese negotiation tactics to advice Thimpu on the way forward.

One thought on “Indian media claim Indian NSA advised Bhutan on border talks with China

  • August 27, 2013 at 5:37 am

    How much Bhutan rely on on India and how much India stood beside be Bhutan in cino-Bhutan issues, that much China turn into aggressive and that much Bhutan should offer Bhutanese land to China, deducting own area as shown in Bhutan map and eventually Chaina will measure its border line from Siliguri, India.


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