JYT resignation accepted

The second democratically elected parliament will be without the first democratically elected prime minister of the country as the National Assembly speaker Jigme Zangpo accepts resignation submitted by Jigmi Thinley.

Expressing dissatisfaction over the outcome of the election in July into which his party had accused the palace of interfering, Thinley had submitted resignation on July 31 to the Secretary General of the Assembly.

However, it has not been clear if Thinley is leaving his party as well. For quite a long time, Yeshey Zimba had been referred as officiating president of the party.

Speaker Zangpo formally announced the acceptance of resignation Thinley on Sunday morning. Once the decision has been submitted to the king, a by-election has to be conducted within 90 days.

Debates of repercussion in post-JYT resignation were fiercely debated in political circle, media and social network. The repeated question he was asked was why had be contested in first place if he wished to leave politics.

With the resignation of JYT and new PM unwilling to push the campaign, the Gross National Happiness mission is set to see its death.

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