When will new budget come?

It’s more than a month and half over into the new financial year yet the new government has talked nothing about the budget for this financial year.

Generally, the budget is presented to the parliament in June end and passed to be implemented right from July 1 every year. The customarily the budget is allocated for until June 30.

However, this year due to the national election, the budget session has been pushed by two months or more, leading to country running without budget.

It is the general principles of governance that until parliament passes budget, the government will have nothing to run the state affairs. However, this does not appear to be the case in Bhutan.

The interim government led by chief justice had no authority to make decision on any provisional budget as well. The new government, even after a month of taking over the rein has not formally discussed anything about the new budget. If all goes as normal, the new budget should be presented in the parliament that is scheduled to begin next month.

The general public and the government machinery remain unaware of the kind of budget the new government will unveil and the share they would get. Discussion with government of India has focused on five year plan budgets and economic stimulus plan.

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