Yeedzin FC finishes King’s Cup as runner up

Nepal’s Manang Marshyangdi Club (MMC) has kissed the championship trophy of King’s Cup tournament held in Thimphy. The Nepalese football team defeated Bhutan’s Yeedzin FC in 4-2 scores.

Bhutanese team took the lead by scoring first goal within four minutes of the match starting. The team had to wait until 33 minutes when Bishal Rai scored first goal for MMC.

Yeedzin scored second goal on 70th minute but has to be retreated when one more goal was scored for MMC on 74th minutes. MMC scored one more on 80th minutes and another in the injury time.

The Thimphu stadium was filled with Bhutanese football supporters. They returned unhappy for the loss of the team they preferred.

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