Bhutanese in Melbourne observe Rishi Panchami Puja

Ladies observing Rishi Panchami

By Devi Ghimire
Bhutanese Association in Victoria (BAV), at the initiative of Women’s Group, organised Rishi Panchami Puja, which is the final day of Teej celebration in Hindu culture on September 10.

The function was well supported by the volunteer’s youth under the instruction, supervision and management of BAV family.

The day was observed by nearly 150 people including children, youth and seniors at Banksia Garden Community Centre Hall, Broadmeadows – a centrally located area to all the Bhutanese residing in Melbourne.

The program was inaugurated by the priest Mitra Adhikari enchanting mantras in presence of senior guru Naryan Adhikari who recently moved to Melbourne from Tasmania.

“The function went very well and was very enjoyable,” one of the attendees said.

The show of the day including Vajan, dancing and singing of traditional Teej songs were the attraction to audience. Catering was provided at the function attended by staffs of Banksia Garden Community Centre. The staffs said they enjoyed the performances and cultural food served.

The program is concluded with a group dance on Teej song where people of all ages both ladies and gentlemen took the floor.

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