Devi Timsina Foundation announces study sponsorship

Devi Timsina Foundation has on Sunday (Sept 22) announced to sponsor two students (one male, one female) from Nepali speaking background for university level education every year.

The foundation in a statement has said, however the sponsorship in the initial years will be focused on financially supporting two students from Bhutanese refugee camps in Nepal who have passed Second Level Certificate (SLC) in first division. To receive the sponsorship, the individuals must be current students of any college in India or Nepal.

Though the foundation has mentioned it will provide US$500 – US$750 for university studies, the statement does not mention anything if the same amount will be given to those wishing to pursue high secondary education after SLC.

Similarly, the foundation has decided to strengthen its membership base and conduct its Annual General Meeting on September 20 next year. Membership fee has been fixed at US$200 (founding member) and US$500 (Trustee member).

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