“Deusi –Vailo for Bhutanese Martyrs” in Adelaide

By Devi Pokhrel

Vailenis on the go. Photo Jogen Gazmere
Vailenis on the go. Photo Jogen Gazmere

A group of Bhutanese, comprising of the great Bhutanese Martyrs’ family and eminent supporters, in Adelaide concluded its Deusi – Vailo program, aimed at raising fund for constructing a website to archive stories of Bhutanese Martyrs, on Saturday organising a refreshment gathering here in Adelaide.

The program ran for three consecutive days during the festival of Tihar in which about 100 individuals took part including teenagers, youths and seniors at five different venues to maximise the number of participating houses.

The main attractions of the program were traditional Deusi – Vailo carols followed by dances adorned with old typical Nepali dancing song numbers.

The Deusi – Vailo program entirely dedicated to all the known and unknown the Bhutanese Martyrs raised AUD 3360.15 as Daan from a total of 111 participating houses from South Australian suburbs of Elizabeth, Salisbury, Enfield, Prospect, Blair Athol, Woodville and Southern suburbs, according to a statement issued by Mohan Gautam, the co-ordinator of the program and one of the sons of a martyr Late Hom Nath Gautam, today on behalf of the team.

Mohan Gautam, the co-ordinator of the program, briefing the crowd about the cause of Deusi – Vailo in Salisbury. (Photo: Jogen Gazmere
Mohan Gautam, the co-ordinator of the program, briefing the crowd about the cause of Deusi – Vailo in Salisbury. Photo: Jogen Gazmere

Throughout the program, the community radio shows Yuba Sansar and The Voice of Shangrila as well as social media like Facebook spread the great mission of Deusi – Vailo across the world, the statement have said.

The Deusi- Vailo team have begun their consultation to suggest a suitable name for the proposed website.

A small group of people, representing Bhutanese Martyrs family in Adelaide will meet on Thursday, the 14th Nov and brainstorm some possible names for the same, which then will seek general public consultation for approval.

“Technical expert consultation and acquisition of necessary training to administer and run the site will also be taken as required”, said Gautam.

Same kind of Deusi – Vailo was conducted during last year’s Tihar celebration to help Dil Shova Shrestha’s Ama Ghar in Kathmandu, which looks after elderly and aged people.

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