More Bhutanese students pursuing education in Australia

The flow of Bhutanese students to Australia for higher studies is likely to go beyond expectation as number increase every year.

Forty-six individuals will leave for Australia to pursue master’s program under the AusAid scholarship towards the end of this year. Other 22 will follow them shortly. Most of them are government employees.

Some 1,223 Bhutanese had applied for scholarship from which 68 were selected.

Australian Ambassador to India Patrick Suckling, who also looks after Bhutanese affairs, was in Thimphu recently to see and talk to these winners and orient them about Australian system.

While the Australian government has been providing scholarships to Bhutanese students since the Colombo Plan period, he said that Australia is an accommodating society, with strong humanitarian instincts.

Australia provides one of the highest aids to Bhutan. AusAid granted scholarships to 205 government employees, 86 private and corporate employees, besides 189 Endeavour scholarships between 2007 and this year.

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