End of year Community BBQ

Community members at the BBQ
Community members at the BBQ

By Devi Ghimire & Khara Acharya
Bhutanese Association in Victoria Inc. has organised end of year community BBQ on 21st December 2013 at Greenvale Reservoir Park, Greenvale Melbourne Victoria. The BBQ was organised as a thanks giving party to the entire participants, volunteers and each members of the community for their big contribution and to acknowledge participation to every activities throughout the year 2013.

Together with the thanks giving the event was specialised in exchanging wishes for Christmas and New Year 2014. Around 150 people including children, Youths, adults and seniors attended the BBQ.

“The idea of this BBQ is to bring people into recreational activity and develop networking with other members of the community avoiding isolation. This type of event will help to promote seniors & young children to know each other through an introductory program especially newly arrivals”, Said the organiser.

The main attraction of the event was games and sports for youths. Small children were entertained with hide and seek games coordinated by games & sports coordinator & active volunteers of BAV. Youths are seen engaging themselves with soccer, cricket and badmintons. Seniors member of the community sing and dance with the traditional songs like Sangini, Bajan where volunteers were busy preparing snacks and launches. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarians food is been prepared in different sport considering the diet restriction.

“We are very happy to involve in such type of activity because it helps us to relieve from isolation and monotonous life sitting at home”, Said one of the attendees.

BAV family has come up with next year plan according to the feedback from community members and soon committee will discuss in the agendas and update its New Year action plan.

“Thank you to organiser and we love to attend again in near future”, said senior member of the community.

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