Bhutanese youths in Cleveland, US, start newspaper

The team of the Connecting Cleveland monthly
The team of the Connecting Cleveland monthly

Bhutanese youths resettled in Greater Cleveland city of Ohio State in US have formed a volunteer group named, “Connecting Cleveland” recently on the third week of December, 2013 with an intention to make a well-connected community for all Nepali-Speaking Bhutanese living there.

Among the various things their community requires to be done, those high school going Bhutanese youths projected to publish newspaper so that they can contribute on making well-connected community in Cleveland.

Connecting Cleveland published the first issue of newspaper called “Connecting Cleveland”, in the second week of January 2014 in which they have included educational and community awareness contents in English and Nepali. Besides administrative management, The collected donations from their parents and an online company in UK called ‘Newspaper Club’. This monthly’s first issue was published 100 copies in colour.

“We are strongly committed in promoting educational and youth contents. We have some other general objectives that will be fulfilled by our newspaper with the pace of time like connect all youths in community works, highlight the importance of education, help our Bhutanese community members to learn English, keep our community updated about surrounding, promote Right to Information, help accommodate new-arrival Bhutanese, and connect our community with the world. Hence, we are been requesting our every single reader to disseminate the contents of our paper to their families and relatives. We will be compiling and publishing articles, stories, news and education contents in both English and Nepali languages,” a member of the newspaper team said.

Reacting to the youth initiative in media, Mitra Pradhan, Program Coordinator at Asian Service In Action Inc., said it was the first initiative in the area in five years that youths are engaged in publishing newspaper and raising community awareness in Cleveland.

Moti Gurung, a community worker said the youth initiative in the Cleveland is a role model for Bhutanese youths across the country and keep themselves engaged in creative activities.

The team includes Ganga Ram Dahal, Ganesh Bhujel, Teeka Acharya, Reeta Acharya, Hari Kumar Dahal and Mahendra Adhikari (from left in the picture above).

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  • April 1, 2014 at 6:45 am

    Great job to my dear creative youth . Hope to get more involved


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