DNC D demands amendment in constitution

Druk National Congress Democratic has said, the party in exile has distributed pamphlets in Thimphu, Phuentsholing and Chhuka on Monday (27 January) urging for amendments in the constitution.

“..in prevention of posing un-chastity between royal and the people in the future, under the guidance of DNC-D, supporters have launched a demonstration inside Bhutan distributing posters and spreading pamphlet urging for major modifications and amendment of constitution on 27th January 2014 in Thimphu, Phuntsholing and Chhukha, to get Bhutan saved in future,” a statement signed by party vice chairperson Karma Chhoejay said.

“While the Bhutan’s absolutism could not prevail egalitarianism on the people, in the year 1990 by southern Bhutanese and after formation of DNC-D in 1994, had strongly urged for democracy and human rights in Bhutan. The nature of the Bhutanese’s desolation got highlighted globally, by using its diplomacy, supported the people of Bhutan for establishing Democracy and Human Rights, and more over due to the insistent pressures from the donor countries, at least Bhutan emerged with pseudo democratic country in year 2008.”

“The main endangering conflict within Bhutanese was when the King used royal prerogative and misused the power, sidelining the universal democratic rules before and during the 2nd Assembly Election of Bhutan held on 13th July 2013. That violated the every articles of democratically constitution, which resulted 70 percent of Bhutanese people were dissatisfy and burst out their emotions into slogan as “short live our King and will gut down the constitution” was due to the Bhutan’s constitution was built under the pure royal wish and command.

However, the party has not mentioned which articles of the constitution were violated during the elections in July last year.

See the pamphlets here: Dzongkha | English

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