Teaching students to conserve water in Paro

Paro valley showing Paro Chhu. Photo: Wikipedia
Paro valley showing Paro Chhu. Photo: Wikipedia

Marking the World Water Day on 22 March, the Divisional Forestry Office in Paro district organised waste cleaning campaign along the bank of Pachhu in coordination with six educational institutes: Paro College of Education, Kuen Gaa Higher Secondary School (HSS), Yoezerling HSS, Tenzin HSS, Shari HSS and Lango MSS.

On the occasion, chief forest officer urged the spectators to support the implementing agency to keep river and stream clean for multiple uses. The officer emphasised the importance of place as being the hub for tourist destination wherein keeping the place free of any solid waste is momentous.

Campaign covered river bank between Lango bridge and Bonday bridge. About five truck loads of inorganic waste were collected and disposed at the disposal site with aid from Dzongkhag Administration and Public Work Division.

The schools expressed commitment to adopt these river banks for sustainable management hereafter with proper signboard installed on the spots.

Seeing the unsanitary waste conditions along the bank of Pachhu, the campaign was organised chiefly to collect any inorganic waste along the Pachhu bank and create awareness among the local communities and the general public to enhance their knowledge on proper waste management.

The campaign was funded by Bhutan Water Partnership/RSPN. More than 1500 students participated along with the forestry personnel in the campaign.

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