EU climate change mission visits RNR centres

The report presentation meeting at the Ministry of Agriculture

An European Union mission led by David Billing has completed the first annual review and mid-term evaluation mission for RNR-Climate Change Adaptation Program (CCAP).

The mission was sent to Bhutan realising the need to change the Financial Agreement (FA) with Bhutan to extend the project period by one more year to cover some of the missing key indicators.

‘This is why, the mission is early, otherwise the time is not right for evaluation, considering the project implementation period of six months,’ David said.

Presenting his findings, he shared the review of CCAP highlighting its institutional setting and capacity, sector and donor coordination, sector budget and medium term perspective, performance monitoring system etc. He also shared the fixed (fixed value) and variable (maximum value) tranches in EU sector programmes along with its general criteria for tranche release.

In his report, he has recommended for a formal institutional framework coordination mechanism for RNR-CCAP to be in place based on current NAPA and SAPA documents.

The mission completed Bhutan review tour on Tuesday (29 April).

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