Japan donation to mechanise Bhutanese agriculture

The two ambassadors after signing the agreement. Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Bhutanese ambassador India V. Namgyel signed the Exchange of Note for the Food Security Project for Underprivileged Farmers 2013 with Japanese ambassador to India, who is assigned to look after Bhutanese affairs as well, Takeshi Yagi of Japan on 16 April 2014.

Through the agreement, the Government of Japan has agreed to extend a grant assistance of 110 million yen (approximately US$1.1 million) to Bhutan for farm mechanisation to improve agricultural produce in Bhutan, a statement issued after the agreement signed reads.

Until date Bhutan has received nine underprivileged famers (KR II) grants which have been used to finance two wheel tractors to the farmers throughout the country and the target crops are rice, maize and wheat.

Speaking at the signing ceremony at the Embassy of Japan in New Delhi, Ambassador V. Namgyel said that the impact of farm machines and equipments procured through the KR2 grant has been of immense benefit to the farmers of Bhutan as it eases hard labour, enhances the quality of work and increases crop output. He said that KR2 assistance has generated tremendous appreciation and goodwill for Japan among the farmers and people of Bhutan.

Ambassador V. Namgyel conveyed the deep appreciation of the government and people of Bhutan to the government and people of Japan for their continued friendship and support over the years.

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