Suicide prevention training in Nebraska

Participants at the training session. Photo: Karna Gurung
Participants at the training session. Photo: Karna Gurung

Bhutanese Community in Nebraska (BCN) organised a Suicide Prevention Training for the Bhutanese leaders of Nebraska with the help of Department of Health and Human Services.

Department’s trainer Cathy facilitated the training session held on Saturday (26 April ). Some 20 Bhutanese leaders actively participated in the training.

The training was initiated by BCN, SSCA, and OBCA’s Press & Publicity Secretary Karna Gurung.

Gurung told Bhutan News Network that planning meeting for the training was held in early April with trainer of DHHS, SSCA and BCN to include Bhutanese suicidal causes, ongoing cases and prevention.

Although Bhutanese community in Nebraska has not experienced any suicidal cases, the community leaders felt the need to training Bhutanese leaders to address the potential situation in future.

The training was conducted in three sessions. The first session covered introduction of suicide, types, identifying the suicidal case, reasons and preventable methods while the second session focused on QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer) training processes.

In the third phase, the participants divided into groups, learnt possible methods on how to solve the suicidal problems.”

BCN President Bhim Gurung said the community organisation will host another similar training in future and put efforts in involving agencies and community leaders.

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