Danish princess in Bhutan tour

Danish princess meeting Health minister and other officials
Danish princess meeting Health minister and other officials

Danish Princess Benedikte is currently in Bhutan visit. Her visit to Bhutan has not been official made public either in Bhutan or in Denmark. Princess Benedikte is patron of the World Diabetes Foundation.

She met with Health Minister Tandin Wangchuk on Tuesday (13 May). On the occasion, Wangchuk expressed his gratitude and thanked for timely support of Danish government to Bhutan. He said Bhutan still expects support from Denmark for delivering best health services so that people lead a happy and healthy life, contributing towards the fulfilment of Gross National Happiness

He said World Diabetes Foundation (WDF) support was required since 50% of inpatient mortality is due to NCD and increase in burden of DM cases and NCD.

Professor Pierre, Chairman of the Board of Directors of WDF, who joins Princess Benedikte entourage to Bhutan, said WDF is a catalyst to improve access to care.

WDF founded in 2002 has become partners on global, regional and local levels and key diabetes focus areas are on diabetic foot, eye care, children with diabetes, mother and diabetes, TB and DM, access to diabetes care and advocacy.

Princess Benedikte expressed her satisfactions on achievements of WDF program in Bhutan mentioning ministries of health and education should work closely on early case detection amongst teenagers in schools.

WDF support began in Bhutan from October 2004 with the project grant of USD 390,000, and second phase from July 2010 with USD 275,000, which comes to end in June 2014.

These financial as well as technical supports have facilitated to establish 24 Diabetes Clinic; trained 515 different levels of health professionals across the country; and established institutional linkage with BIRDEM, Bangladesh.

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