New meteorological technology for Bhutan

The meteorological agency in Bhutan is set to provide more accurate and sophisticated information with the installation of new technologies and training for its staffs.

The Department of Hydro Met Services received support through Voluntary Cooperation Programme (VCP) of the Word Meteorological Organization (WMO), funded by the Met Office, United Kingdom. The support is to install and operate Climsoft Database Management System (CDMS) equipment.

Climsoft exper Mr. Samuel Machua, Kenya Met Services visited Bhutan for the installation and training between 21 April and 10 May. The installation of the new technology has been completed on 8 May.

The CDMS is a stable and user-friendly database for all meteorological data for archiving, analyzing and dissemination. With the installation of the CDMS, the Meteorology Division has switched from Hy-data (Hydrology Database) to Climsoft database and is now on operation.

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