Rizal brings out new booklet in Dzongkha

Rizal Dzongkha booklet
The new Dzongkha booklet published by Rizal

Mr. Tek Nath Rizal, president of Peoples forum for Human rights in Bhutan released a Booklet in Dzongkha that chronicle his brief life history and how Bhutan as a nation is besieged by a corruption. The Booklet was released on 14th May, coinciding the Buddha Purnima, Buddhist’s auspicious day.

In booklet he had paid the respect to First Zhabdrung Nagwang Namgyal, the father of Bhutan for founding the nation as we know now as ‘Bhutan’ and subsequent Monarchs for protecting and preserving our small nation as sovereign country in the world. He had asked people of Bhutan to have immense gratitude to Pt. Jawarlal Nehru, first Prime Minister of India for extending financial assistance to Bhutan socio-economic development and progress. Bhutan is where it is now because of India’s assistance and friendship.

In Book he says corruption was rampant during his tenure as Royal advisory Councilor. He witnessed the embezzlement of developmental aid fund by the members of royal family and council of ministers. The exception being Lyonpo Tamshing Jakar. What he saw was that ministers were both businessman and public servants. Because of this duality of duties, every governmental plan and projects were design to benefits their company or their relatives in business.

He had explain how refugee crisis was created in first place and their continual denial of justice.
He has appeal every Bhutanese citizens to preserve, protect the independence and territorial integrity and sovereignty of country so that it can bequeathed to future generation as it has been handed by earlier generation.

Read the booklet here.

2 thoughts on “Rizal brings out new booklet in Dzongkha

  • May 16, 2014 at 5:33 pm

    In spite of not getting required support from his people for which Dasho Tek Nath Rizal fought and sacrifice his everything including spending 10 years in “Kala Ratree jai”l ( the jails where he was incarcerated every moment of nights were like a death nights for Dasho TN ) and his health and properties, Rizal is still fighting alone . I salute him and his efforts and braveness. Our legend leader is keeping continuation of getting justice one day to come and trying to make aware to coming generation about racial discrimination done by tyrant Jigme Singe and his agents. .

  • June 4, 2014 at 7:56 pm

    I do very much appreciate the sacrifices Dasho rizal has made fighting for human rights in the country tho other political leaders turned out to be a real selfish and greedy in power Mr still works his best to bring justice to his people. He is a man sent by god to help the poor and needy . some day the bhutanese population will realize his importance and his hard work. the only worry is it might and could be too late . i guess we should all support him in his fight for all bhutanese


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