‘Naming our literature’

Bhutanese littérateurs in Adelaide held hour-long discussion on Sunday (13 July) on giving identity to the literature produce by Nepali-speakers originating from Bhutan.

The discussion concentrated primarily on what should we call our literature – Nepali, Bhutanese, Bhutanese-Nepali, Diasporic or any other. The participants were of the opinion that linguistic diversity, geographical dispersion and ethic identity must be reflected on the term we coin.

The discussion organised on the occasion of 200th birth anniversary of Bhanu Bhakta Acharya in Adelaide also highlighted the responsibilities we have to pass on our rich literature to the future generation who would grow up in communities where ‘our language’ is not spoken.

The participants also discussed the ways we could put further impetus on promoting our language – including the possibility of publishing a regular bulletin.

The discussion was the culmination of the Bhanu Jayanti celebration organised by Bhutanese Ethnic School in Adelaide where dozens of local participants recited their poems (including children). Literature lovers from other states and countries had also sent their video recorded poems, which was played onscreen.

The participants at the Bhanu Jayanti. Photo: BNN
Participants reciting their poem. Photo: BNN
Participants at the discussion. Photo: BNN

See Video of the program here

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