Dorji Choden address water conference in Sri Lanka

Dorji-ChodenMinister for Works and Settlement Dorji Choden attended the Third Water, Community Development and Prosperity International conference in community and water services held in Kandy, Sri Lanka.

The conference, begun on Friday concluded today (Sunday).

Minister Dorji addressing the inauguration ceremony said water issues and challenges faced by Bhutan its neighbours are of paramount important and must be addressed on time.

The highlighted the phenomenon of global warming and climate change posing major challenge to water resources in the region, retreating glaciers and uneven distribution of precipitation leading to reduction of water.

Although 94 percent of rural population and 98 percent of urban population have access to piped water supply, sustainability and functionality of existing water supply infrastructure remains a challenge and is hard to reach rural communities, given the difficult terrain calls for high investment.

She said the sanitation and solid waste remains a challenge and demands high investment.

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