Travellers cautioned for JE in Assam, West Bengal

The cycle of JE transmission to human
The cycle of JE transmission to human

Health Ministry has cautioned Bhutanese for travelling to Assam and West Bengal states in India amidst reports of high incidences of Japanese Encephalitis (JE) in the region.

The death rate due to JE is about 30% to 40%.

“Any Bhutanese traveling to neighbouring states of Assam and West Bengal are advised to be cautious about the report of increase incidences of Japanese Encephalitis,” the notice by the ministry reads.

The travellers are also advised to take precaution against the bites of mosquito by using mosquito nets regularly while sleeping, wearing long sleeve clothes and using mosquito repellent.

In case of sign and symptoms such as high fever, headache, neck stiffness, disorientation, seizure and paralysis after returning from the travels, Bhutanese citizens are asked to seek medical advice from the nearest health center.

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