Teaching equals to null vector

By Sancha Rai

teachingWe are living in the Buddhist nation with much valued life. The education is measured to be the main source of livelihood. Education has greatly changed every survival. Thus, we are no longer the same as before.

To this fact, I guess all the teachers have toiled so hard yet the changes are not enough and society is not so pleased. Similarly, every life has become more celebrating. I could sense the festivity into this world much compare to past. All the beautiful things had happened now. But, who would thank all those teachers for the worldly changes?

Teaching has done so much from giving love to sharing experiences and letting every citizen grow into a beautiful beings. Still, all the humanity is against each teaching.

With all the meaningful teachings in school, countless life has turn into productive and beautiful beings. Yet, many had turned into real barbarian, nasty beings and countless into dishonest beings. Is this what teachings to play with youth? I felt the change is needed at the moment. Perhaps, I felt at one point teaching is becoming worthless to many of our present youth and finally blame knocks back to every teacher.

When each child is born, on the other end teachers are intuitive into a new being every moment. Since, each teacher plays totally different roles in the life of each baby. Teacher’s whole survival becomes qualitative importance to individual. Since, every happening befalls through teaching. I must call the education is a teacher.

To become a teacher is a kind of new labour. It is something difficult to understand unless one holds the position. But, it is always easier to view others life. In every society teachers are the only person who has brought the changes. Nobody could realize what would happen just by teachings of values and attitudes. In fact, the wisest change takes place.

Having done so much of the hardship into teaching journey, every teacher are thrown down, hanged, put behind the bars and treated as a rubbish piece. Now, teachers are no more alive because our society’s negative mentality towards school teachers is beyond measurable.

I felt every teacher’s life is inside the cage – not one uninterrupted night’s sleep and not one day of rest. So, often overloaded with day’s activities still teachers are put out from sphere. Every teacher felt the importance of thousands life ahead and they do the necessary teachings with the hope of better world. But, the hopes of change merely end up in secret.

Teachers have created the best human society and that is the greatest human creation ever. The work is not finished at one stand. Teacher changes thousand live from real primitive, a barbarian and remote human to a peace loving social beings still every people are against every teacher. Is there any value behind teaching our youth?

But, if the individual child becomes a productive citizen every family would be benefited by it as the child will bring some changes. I am sure, that is all created by teachers. Yet, who would uphold those teachers.

Everyone’s view basically ends up blaming teachers; teachers are doing nothing for the change, if the individual turns into a corrupt social beings. Every society is constantly against every teacher without knowing the real hardship one individual teacher had taken to shape all those life.

Well, at this time all humankind is passing through a critical phase with all criminal growth. With all of these attitudes the world would die in despair. Similarly, it won’t surprise me telling teaching job is no safer, no more respectable, no more daring and no more loving because some of our youth has already dumped teacher’s status. Thus, I could felt the change is necessary for better Bhutan.

(A staff at Ministry of Education in Bhutan, Rai blog at http://sancharai.blogspot.com)

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