Formulating SAARC’s joint vision in education

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The second SAARC education ministers’ meeting held on October 31 in the Indian capital New Delhi agreed to put in place a cooperation mechanisms to develop a shared vision and joint actions for the formulation and implementation of the post 2015 SAARC education development goals.

Among others, the meeting also discussed and reaffirmed that education is a fundamental human right and recognize the central role of education in ensuring inclusive and sustainable development, accelerating social transformation, and promoting peace, tolerance and social cohesion.

The meeting also agreed to expand the scope of cooperation which would involve, among others, formulation of the SAARC Framework for Action for the post 2015, technical cooperation and exchange of experts in the field of education.

Education minister Mingbo Dukpa led the deleged to teh meeting accompanied by officials from the education and foreign ministries.

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