PATTERN OF LOVE’: The first Bhutanese film screened in IFFI

Bhutan, which has bounty of scenic beauty for film makers from outside, has started producing 30 films a year now and this growth in future is likely to move further. This was the optimism expressed by Karma Deki, Director of ‘Pattern of Love’ (film in Dzongkha and English) at 45th International Film Festival of India (IFFI) on Tuesday (25 November).

Interacting with the media, the leading film director from Bhutan Karma Deki told that her film explores Buddhist concept of Karma and the possibility of re-birth to accomplish what was left unrealised in a previous life.

One single thread weaves a story of the past and present lives of two people who are born on the opposite side of the world but destined to meet and realise karmic conditions and their consequences. However on the surface it is typical boy- meets- girl theme which is visible in most of the films in neighbouring India.

At the press briefing, Karma was accompanied by her cinematographer Rinzang, who informed that Bhutan has only seven theatres right now. He said, Bhutanese movies are mainly influenced by Bollywood films.

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