BRC Fan’s Club is runner up in Falgunanda Gold Cup

Beldangi’s BRC Fan’s Club lost to the host Fidim Sporting Club in the final match played on Tuesday to own the tile of Falgunanda Gold Cup winner of this year.

BRC Fan’s Club lost the match to the host team by 2-0.

Fidim Sporting Club led the match on fourth minute of first half when Manish scored the first goal of the match. Fan’s Club played well under pressure but failed to translate many opportunities into goal.

Fan’s Club’s loss became imminent when Fidim’s Victor scored the second goal on 39th minute of second half. The organiser received good support from its local fans.

Fidim had reached final beating Anarmani Football Club while Fan’s Club had paved way for final after scoring 2-0 against Damak based APF Jhapa.

Winner was awarded Rs 111,111 and the runner up was awarded Rs 55,555.

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