US diplomat visits refugee camps


US ambassador to Nepal Peter W Bodde travelled to the Bhutanese refugee camps in eastern Nepal on Wednesday. His visit is regarded as symbolic encouragement for the refugees to go for resettlement.

Addressing the refugees in Beldangi and Sanischare camps Bodde said, “The refugees are welcome to resettle in foreign countries where they have a bright future.”

He visited the support project offices and held integration with the community representatives. UNHCR head of mission in Nepal Steven Craig Sanders escorted Bodde to the camps. The refugee representatives drew attention of the US ambassador about the future of those not opting resettlement.

As of March 31, 95,902 Bhutanese refugees have left the camps in Nepal under the third-country resettlement programme.

Of the total Bhutanese refugees resettled so far, the United States of America has taken 81,192, Canada has taken 6,271, Australia has taken 5,357, New Zealand has taken 963, Denmark has taken 874, Norway has taken 561, the Netherlands has taken 362, and the UK has taken 358.

At present the registered refugees in Nepal are 21,884. Of the total 17,470 are in Beldangi
camps, 4,380 are in Sanischare Camp, and 34 individuals are registered at Chandragadi RCU

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