Fodder bank in Mongar

The National Centre for Animal Nutrition (NCAN) has recently established the Fodder Germplasm Bank at Patpari in Mongar. The program was implemented jointly with Mongar Dzongkhag’s feed and fodder focal person and RLDC Kanglung.

The bank is expected to help create reliable source to supply fodder slips and seedlings to the interested dairy farmers in east for mass fodder production. In a week long period, about 12 acres of marginal land was brought under Napier (Pakchong), Paspalum and Gliricidia plantation. With an establishment of fodder germplasm bank, it is expected to increase green fodder production by concerned dairy farmer groups and contribute towards addressing the fodder shortages and enhancement of milk production.

The program is one of the various measures taken by NCAN to support Bhutanese dairy farmers for attaining self-sufficiency in fodder resources.

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