Four SAARC countries agree on free vehicle movement

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Bhutan, India, Bangladesh and Nepal have agreed to work jointly to make accelerated progress on areas such as power, road connectivity, trade facilitation and movement of goods and services.

Formal agreement to this effect is scheduled to be singed by leaders of the four countries on June 15. The agreement would also a seamless movement of vehicles between the countries’ borders by the end of 2015.

All the four countries have already held preliminary talks to remove some of the hurdles to boost trade and spur economic growth.

In their talks, the four countries, discussed ways to having cooperation in power transmission, trade facilitation, sharing flood date and ensuring movement of people and goods.

The four countries have already finalised a Motor Vehicle Agreement with an aim to encourage people-to-people contact and movement of goods. The deal will allow a transit of passengers, personal and cargo vehicles between the four countries.

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