National gatherings – OBCA and ABA

OBCA logo
OBCA Texan convention elects D B Rai as new chairperson

Right after the conclusion of the national gathering of the Organisation of Bhutanese Communities in America (OBCA), its competitor Association of Bhutanese in America (ABA) has announced to hold its national gathering.

OBCA, in absence of its president Hari Bangaley, concluded its fifth national convention in Texas electing a new committee under the leadership of D. B. Rai.

The gathering named Dilip Dahal as new vice chairperson, Padam Bharati as secretary, Aita Rai as treasurer, Karna Gurung as press & publicity secretary, Deepak Gajmeer as cultural secretary and Jitu Basnet as sports & youths secretary.

ABA logo
ABA convention to be held in Iowa

The UNHCR representative from Nepal Craig Sanders addressed the gathering appreciating the success stories of the resettled Bhutan. He indicated the resettlement process might conclude by mid of 2017. However, he failed to explain what would be the future of those Bhutanese refugees unwilling to resettle.

The OBCA gathering saw representations from 15 of the 50 states in the US, it remains to see if ABA would surpass this figure.

ABA has announced its eight national gathering will be held in Iowa, on 25-26 July.

The gathering will also have training sessions on suicide prevention and mental health, capacity building and organisational management and community project development strategies. Bhutanese organisational representatives from Canada are also expected to attend the gathering.

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