It’s an honour to receive the title: Numa

Miss Bhutan US 2015 Numa and other title holders.
Miss Bhutan US 2015 Numa and other title holders. Photo Courtesy: Numa

Numa Limbu from California has been crowned Miss Bhutan USA 2015 at the mega event in June this year. Beautician by profession, Limbu is the second crown holder of the title. She responds to the emailed interview for Bhutan News Network and explains about her title, commitments and future plan as the leading figure in Bhutanese diaspora.

BNN: What it means to you being Miss Bhutan USA?
Numa: It’s an honour being Miss Bhutan USA 2015. This title makes me more accountable to individuals and society. It gives me support to make headway.

BNN: Beauty pageant winners in most countries devote their time in social service. What do you think you can contribute to Bhutanese diaspora?
Numa: I will be attempting to enhance education, health-related issues, and uplift societal position by giving help to satisfy their essential human needs.

BNN: What benefits do you see, personally and for Bhutanese-American, from such beauty pageant like this?
Numa: Miss Bhutan US helps young ladies like us to remember their excellence and gives them a stage to demonstrate their inborn gifts. It acts as a scaffold to get all the Bhutanese American groups together for appreciating our beauty. Besides, the exhibition shows impart certainty and bravery in our sisters.

BNN: What plans do you have for next one year?
Numa: I’ll be investing the majority of my energy in school yet when opportunities are given, I’ll effectively take an interest to depict my kin in any gathering of society.

BNN: You come from a profession that has intimate relations with beauty pageant. Has this title helped boost your business? How and to what extent?
Numa: Winning the title has nothing to do with my calling, yet I can admit that it needs to help my ethics and still, small voice and given me a green light to seek after any profession attempt.

BNN: What’s your opinion about relations that Bhutanese in Diaspora should have with Bhutan and its government?
Numa: Regardless of what part of the world you settle in, the affection and bound to the country are interminable. You’re bound to do a reversal to your country and be some assistance for to enhance the nation and its kin. The representatives of the Bhutanese Diaspora ought to begin for table talks and verbal confrontations to look for reunification.

BNN: What impact do you believe this win will have on your future career?
Numa: I’m exceptionally fulfilled by the win and felt increased in value. Winning the title has given me trust as well as have made me answerable and requesting. The win has given me support to flourish for better open doors.

BNN: Any message to future contestants of Miss Bhutan USA?
Numa: Miss Bhutan USA is just not an ability demonstrate but rather a groundbreaking point of reference. Be certain and put stock in yourself. Good Luck to every single future challenger of Miss Bhutan USA.

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