Private schools in Bhutan beyond affordability

Druk School Thimphu
Druk School Thimphu

Education is increasingly becoming inaccessible for most citizens of the happiest country Bhutan with the government approving the hefty increase in fees in private schools.

Private schools claim, parents have to pay more if they want quality education but fail to convince how more money brings in quality in education. Among others, the schools’ justifications for the raise include increasing the teachers’ salary, retaining good teachers, training teachers, inflation, and procurement of adequate equipment, infrastructure development and to purchase school buses.

The education ministry has recently approved the proposal for new few structure for private schools in the country.

For instance Druk School in Thimphu will have new fees of Nu 62,100, increased from Nu 25,000. Utpal Academy is approved to charge Nu 160,000 per year.

Most private schools, after this approval, are beyond the affordability of the Bhutanese parents to send their children to get education.

See the full list of new fee structure for private schools approved by education ministry. See the list of schools and their fees here.

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