NC hosts consultation on business registration bill

Photo: NC
Photo: NC

Natural Resource and Environment Committee (NREC) of the National Council has held consultation with the Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) on the Enterprise Registration Bill of Bhutan 2015.

Committee members and seven representatives from different business entity under BCCI took part in the consultative meeting.

The committee chairperson informed BCCI members and other invitees that the Committee is in the process of reviewing the Bill which has been adopted and passed by National Assembly in its 5th session. He said that the sole intention of the meeting was to take into consideration the comments and concerns of the business entity with regard to the Bill.

General concerns were submitted by the participants to the Committee on the scope of the Bill, clarification on the process of registration and licensing, difficulties involved in renewing license, clarification on the definition of licensing, the procedure of one window system, sectoral clearances, existing enterprises registration, on reduction of penalty and double tax, managements system, partnership and sole proprietorship, incorporated company benefits and liabilities.

The committee has already held consultation with Minister for the Ministry of Economic Affairs in July

The bill is scheduled to be presented in the upcoming parliamentary session for discussion in National Assembly.

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