Turkey farming in Chirang

The National Poultry Development Centre in association with Chirang (Tsirang) district administration has started turkey farming in the district. The farmers were trained on general management of turkey birds such as feeding, health care and management and farm operation before the formal launch of the programme.

Of the total 64 farmers trained, 48 farmers decided to take up the business. Accordingly, the government has provided with support packages for construction of shed (such as CGI sheet, cement and feeder and drinkers) to the farmers.

Each farmers were supplied with two male and three female turkey poults, through which the farmers are expected to breed naturally in their farms like the native bird once it starts laying. The main objective of launching turkey farming activities is to provide the farmers an alternative source of income generation and also as source of family nutrition; further to provide self employment and to uplift rural livelihood.

Turkey farming was first introduced in Sarbhang (Sarpang) district in September last year, with 34 farmers adopting it. Today, there are about 200 turkey poults in the field that are being hatched out through natural breeding and the number is expected to increase further. NPDC, Sarbhang is projecting a target of 14 MT turkey meat at the end of 2018 with about 200 active backyard turkey farms established in the country.

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