Exiled Bhutanese start sit-in for repatriation

Over 100 participated on the first day of sit-in in Beldangi
Over 100 participated on the first day of sit-in in Beldangi

Bhutanese in exile who are still waiting in camps in Nepal for repatriation have new phase of movement demanding earliest repatriation to homeland.

The new movement called ‘satyagraha’ started Tuesday in Beldangi, coordinated by Bhutan Independent People’s Forum (BIPF). They have forwarded their demand seeking support and solidarity from Nepalese government and the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR).

Around 200 exiled Bhutanese were participating on the first day of sit in movement. Most of them are old people and whose most relatives have gone for resettlement.

‘UNHCR has stripped us of our fundamental right to repatriation. We want our right to repatriation be respected,’ said Harka Jung Subba, vice chairperson of BIPF.

The demands include opening doors for repatriation, resume Nepal-Bhutan bilateral talks, inclusion of exiled-Bhutanese representatives in the talks and release of all the political prisoners from Bhutanese jails earliest possible.

According to UNHCR statistics, nearly 100,000 exiled Bhutanese have left Nepal for repatriation. Around 20,000 are still in camps in eastern Nepal.

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