Bhutan Health Trust now responsible for drugs, vaccines supplies

Health Walk in Thimphu raises money for the Trust
Health Walk in Thimphu raises money for the Trust

Bhutan Health Trust Fund has formally taken over the responsibility to fund the supplies of drugs and vaccines in the country from 14th of October.

The fund was established in 2000 through a royal decree with the objective to have a self sustaining financing facility for long-term supplies of medicinal needs of the Bhutanese people.

The Trust aims to ensure that drugs and vaccines are available at all times in the country. Drugs and vaccines constitutes over 20 percent of the annual health budget.

Although the Health Trust Fund is operationalised, it is yet to meet its targeted fund. While majority of funding comes from the government of Bhutan, other international organisations such as Gates Foundation, Summit Foundation, Fedrick Paulson Foundation, UNICEF and Save the Children (US) donate to the Trust.

Similarly, governments of Australia, New Zealand and Norway and individuals like Andews Evans, Madanjeet Singh and Franz Rhomberg are major donors of the Trust.

The Trust organises annual health walk in Thimphu through which a big amount of money is raised.

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