Individuals in Bhutan to clean public toilets

Bhutan Toilet Organisation is an informal group

After government and service providers failed to give tourist good rest rooms, individuals in the country have come up with the idea of an informal organisation called Bhutan Toilet Organisation and begun campaign to clean up toilets – alike Urgent Run.

That reflects the desperation among the residents to welcome the foreigners who have complaints that toilets facilities are not hygienic in Bhutan.

The informal group of volunteers, initiated by a teacher Passang Tshering, announced they have started clean up campaign on November 1 and will end on November 19 cleaning all public toilets in tourists hubs.

During the campaign, 120 individuals in the group will identify public toilets in each districts, assess problems and find solutions locally.

Urgent Run is a global event organised by World Toilet Organisation (WTO). BTO was asked to join WTO in observing the world toilet day this year.

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