Bhutan receives record number cranes

Black Necked Crane
Black Necked Crane

This year Bhutan received the highest number of black-necked cranes, counted 609 by end of this week in Phobjikha. Fears riddled initially about the possibility to the birds’ declining arrivals.

This is the highest number of cranes in 29 years according to Royal Society for Protection of Nature’s (RSPN) nationwide counting. In 2014, the country had received 550 cranes.

The annual nationwide counting of the bird was conducted between 6-7 am by RSPN in collaboration with respective forestry officials and local leaders in Phobjikha, Bumdeling, Lhuentse and Bumthang, simultaneously.

Between 1987-2014, Bhutan on an average received 415 cranes annually. Every year from 1987-2014, the number of cranes arriving in Bhutan increased by six on an average. Crane arrival in Phobjikha has more than tripled since 2013.

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