Bhutan win five medals in archery

By end of February 10, Bhutan stands in the seventh position of the medal tally at South Asian Games 2016 being held in India.

The national archery team has won so far five medals, including one silver. The country has not won any gold so far.

Additionally, in what was one of their top performances so far by the national football team, the under-21 Dragon Boys managed to hold the Bangladeshi team to a 1-1 draw.

The fate of the Bhutanese team will be decided after the game between Bangladesh and Nepal on February 11. If Bangladesh wins the match, Nepal and Bangladesh will qualify for the semi finals. However, if Nepal wins with a goal difference of five or more, Bhutan play in the semi finals.

Similarly, in athletics, both the athletes in the men’s 100m and 800m sprint came last at the Indira Gandhi Athletics stadium in Guwahati.

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