Bhutan’s trade deficit continues

Import-Export figure 2015
Import-Export figure 2015

Other than electricity, Bhutan continues to face rising deficit in its international trade.

Last year, 2015, Bhutan’s trade deficit stands at Nu 32.8B which is highest of the last five years’ figure. In the year before, the country had only registered the deficit of Nu 11.6B.

India alone accounted for a trade deficit of Nu 21.9B, compared with Nu 16B in 2014.

The last five year figure shows, exports grew from Nu 31B to Nu 35B but imports grew from Nu 48B to Nu 68B.

Had it not been for the electricity exports, the country could have felt a deficit of Nu 44.6B in 2015. In 2014 trade deficit without the electricity export came to Nu 31.6B. The energy trade registered a surplus of around Nu 4.9B in 2015 that slightly gave relief to the overall trade deficit. Nu 3B from this earnings goes to pay the loan to Indian government.

Bhutan exported Nu 12.1B of electricity to India but the country has also imported Nu 6.95B worth of fuel last year.

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