Two community radios in southern Bhutan

Radio StationFinally, the government and the bureaucrats in Bhutan have felt importance of media in preservation and promotion of culture, raising public awareness and empowering communities.

This week mark the beginning of two small community radio stations in southern Bhutan.

Queen Mother Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck inaugurated these community radio stations in Samtse (Samchi) and and Sarpang (Sarbhang) districts.

The new community radio station in Dophuchen Gewog, in Samchi, funded by Swiss Development Corporation through Ministry of Information and Communications and Tarayana Foundation, will focus on empowerment of Lhop community, one of the indigenous communities in Bhutan.

The station will approximately cover 30 kilometres that will cover the entire Lhop community. The radio station, which will have its own frequency, will broadcast four hours daily. The station will be looked after by a group of Lhop volunteers.

Community Radio Station in Sarbhang, to be operated by Edi Community Radio Service, is set up in Dechhen Pelri village under Samtenling Gewog. The station will provide platform for the community to discuss their development activities.

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